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Now's your last chance to get Windows 10 for free

Windows 10

The deadline is approaching: If you want to download Windows 10 for free, you’ve only got until July 29, 2016. A year ago, Microsoft released its newest operating system, Windows 10, which offers multiple desktops, the personal digital assistant Cortana, and a revived Start menu. Once the window (get it?) of opportunity passes, the price for Windows 10 Home Edition will be $119, while the cost for Windows 10 Pro Edition will be $199. The cost for the Enterprise Edition varies based on your company’s needs.

Is this upgrade for me?

The upgrade applies only toward computers that are running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 (there are a few exceptions as well). Unfortunately, older computers that are running Vista or XP do not have the luxury of obtaining Windows 10 for free. Users who are currently on these systems will have to pay to upgrade to the newest version, as we mentioned above. Now’s the time to update, as Microsoft will cut off extended support for Vista in April 2017. Technical support and security updates for Windows XP ended in April 2014. Windows Vista was first released in November 2006 and Windows XP in 2001. Feel old yet?

Which Windows am I?

Click here to find out what version of Windows you are running.

Why should I upgrade?

For starters, this free upgrade is completely optional. However, as newer hardware and software are released, older computers become more exposed to harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. Being defenseless can open doors to hackers that can steal your personal or billing information. "Windows XP is six times more likely to be infected than Windows 8," a computing general manager at Microsoft was quoted saying in 2013. Earlier this year, Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia was hacked because of a software vulnerability that occurred in one of the computers running Windows XP. Breaches like this could jeopardize your business, as private data such as your address, billing information or even your Social Security Number could be compromised. Keep yourself up to date by upgrading now before the deadline passes.

Okay, I’m in. What do I do now?

To update, go to the Microsoft website and click on the “Download Now” button. Once you have downloaded the item, open the executable file and follow the onscreen directions. Unsure of how to upgrade? Let Method assist you with your software needs. For support, email us at or give us a call at 844-463-8463.

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